Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner is a tech investor, technologist, 5-Time EMMY® Award winner, 25-year entertainment executive/creator, corporate speaker/educator, and the CEO of CreativeLab.TV, a web and mobile tech-entertainment company based in Colorado.


Paul helps launch startups, coaches founders & executives, and lectures with his acclaimed book, Startup Confidential: The Raw, Unfiltered Truth About Starting a Company. ( Paul’s clients include Aetna Insurance, Reebok, IBM, Google, AT&T, and many startup-to-medium-sized businesses.

Mr. Wagner has raised over $6M for new ventures, including a deal that launched the global phenomenon Will Ferrell’s on iTunes. Paul’s partners and mentors include Fred Silverman (the only exec to run all 3 major TV networks) and Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney.


Paul is the author/creator of The Field Guide to Human Personalities and The Personality Cards, a thoughtful, Jungian-style exploration of empathy and personhood, illustrating pathways to transforming our minds and hearts.

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"The reason we all gave Paul a standing ovation at the end of his lecture is because nobody had ever told this crowd of seasoned investors and entrepreneurs the truth. Paul blew us away. "

- L. Bradley

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