Bundle Sale: 10 Copies of Startup Confidential!
  • Bundle Sale: 10 Copies of Startup Confidential!



    STARTUP CONFIDENTIAL is a brash and humorous look at the What, Who and How of launching your Big Idea. Written by EMMY® Award Winning comedian and startup addict Paul Wagner, this book is funny and intense, akin to swallowing a pill the size of your nephew. Packed with meaty facts and figures, the book digs into the human aspects and the gut-wrenching stories that make startups such profound experiences.


    There is no other book like this one anywhere. It's a game-changer.


    Paul Wagner is a startup and executive consultant. He's been called, “The Best Event in Reebok History!” Paul’s poignant and funny lectures about startups and corporate culture bring the house down. They’re brash, bold and built to enlighten. Visit PaulWagner.com and CreativeLab.TV to learn more.

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    "The reason we all gave Paul a standing ovation at the end of his lecture is because nobody had ever told this crowd of seasoned investors and entrepreneurs the truth. Paul blew us away. "

    - L. Bradley

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